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Executive Job-Search Podcasts

Executive Job-Search Podcasts

FOR EXECUTIVES: Learn insider tips, proven strategies, and recipes for success that have helped countless executive job seekers land new opportunities.
FOR CAREER PROFESSIONALS: Gain new insights and ideas to help you build your expertise, advise your executive clients, and add value to both writing and coaching services.


Two men shared the same prison cell for 20 years. Finally, one was released at the end of his term. As he was walking toward the exit gates, he heard a voice behind him and turned to see his cellmate running toward him. “Joe, Joe…there’s something I forgot to tell you!”

That’s how we felt when we finished writing our book, Modernize Your Executive Job Search: Get Noticed…Get Hired.

(Who are we? We're Jan Melnik and Louise Kursmark, Master Resume Writers and executive career coaches with decades of experience helping senior executives advance their careers.)

We realized that, no matter how thorough the book, we couldn’t include every client anecdote or lesson-learned, every bit of insider knowledge that our clients have shared with us. So we created a series of 6 audio sessions in which we talk about careers and share even more advice and time-tested recommendations.

In engaging, informative conversations, we walk you through exactly what steps to take to get started, build momentum, and make tangible progress in your search for a new executive opportunity.

Each episode focuses on a specific area of executive job search and features wide-ranging conversation, advice, practical tips and tools, and roadblock-removing solutions to help you gain mastery in managing your career—today and in every career transition you will face throughout your lifetime of work.

We conclude each half-hour session with an exercise that will cement the learning and put ideas and strategies into practical execution.

Listen during your commute…while working out…when making dinner…whenever you have a few minutes to invest in expanding your expertise in the crucial topic of career self-management. The sessions are lively, fast-paced, and filled with useful knowledge that we’ve gained from our decades of working with executives in career transition.

Designed as a standalone resource as well as a companion to our book, these 6 relevant and to-the-point conversations break down a vast topic and provide tips and insights that have been valuable to our executive clients—and will be valuable and useful to you.

You can zero in on the topic that’s most pressing or take advantage of all 6 programs.

SIX-PACK: All 6 Podcasts ($100—save $20 off programs purchased separately)


#1: Your Resume & Career Docs Are Set—What’s Next?

Get Started | Maintain Momentum | Learn Our Recommended Tools and Processes | Introduce Yourself | Develop Scripts | Consider Add-on Documents | Get Ready for Networking

#2: Messaging & Outreach

Create Your LinkedIn Profile | Prepare Networking Messages | Take It Offline | Use Social Media Wisely | “Tell Me About Yourself!” | Consider Multiple Resume Versions

#3: Networking

Overcome Fear/Dislike/Reluctance to Network | Use Networking Tools | Master the Process | Go Beyond Friends and Family | Know What to Ask For (and How to Ask It) | Stay Positive | Be Forward-focused

#4: Recruiters & Posted Openings

Reach Out to Recruiters | Get the Facts: How Companies Find Candidates, How Candidates Find Jobs | Approach VC/PE Firms | Build Visibility for the Long Term | Create a Strategy and Process for Posted Openings | Focus on Referrals | Understand ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems)

#5: Interviewing & Negotiating

Shift Your Mindset | Prepare for Phone, Video, and In-person Interviews | Know What Questions to Ask | Master the “Compensation Dance” | Take a Mulligan | Shift from Theoretical to Actual Experience

#6: Troubleshooting: Roadblocks & Hidden Opportunities

Analyze the Problem, Identify the Roadblock, Apply the Right Solution | Recognize If Your Resume Is Working | Reboot to Reenergize | Keep Your Focus and Find Sources of Inspiration

BONUS! Companion Exercises to the Podcast Series

At the end of each podcast, we provide a "homework" assignment to help you absorb the material and advance your job search. You can download the exercises in PDF form here.

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