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Click here for an easy-to-use resource that will help you assess your resume—or others' resumes—to determine if you've written, formatted, and designed a document that is powerful, effective, and in tune with modern resume trends.

Click Here for List of 429 Resume Writing Verbs

CAREER PLANNING & ADULT DEVELOPMENT JOURNAL—Compliments of Dick Knowdell, publisher, and Steven Beasley, editor, we are pleased to share 4 recent issues of the Journal. Each issue focuses on a specific theme and contains relevant, often scholarly articles written by diverse and highly qualified career professionals. Click each link to access that Journal issue.

Spring 2016—The Connection Between Career Development and Mental Health

Winter 2015—Career Development, Work-based Transitions, and Individuals with Neurological-based Disabilities

Fall 2015—Career Development in Corporations

Summer 2015—Our Future: Projections of Work and Life

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