Modernize Your Resume—2nd Edition

June 03, 2019 Louise Kursmark

We are so pleased to share that our best-selling book, MODERNIZE YOUR RESUME, is now available in a completely updated and expanded 2nd edition.

In the 3 years since original publication, we've seen a few things change but much remain the same in the world of resume writing and job search—and we expound on those things in this latest version of the book.

What's New?

  • Resumes for Challenging Circumstances. We devote an entirely new section (3 chapters) to the special challenges faced by people changing careers, transitioning from the military, and returning to work after an extended absence. Yes, you can write a resume that positions you for what you want ... highlights your strengths and value ... and focuses on the positive rather than the challenging circumstance.
  • Updated Information for Resume Scanning and Online Search. Knowing how to structure, write, and format your resume for online job search can make all the difference between failure and success. We help you navigate that ever-changing situation.
  • New Resume Samples. We reviewed and refreshed every sample resume in the book and added a host of new resumes with exciting designs and powerful content. Use them as inspiration and examples to help you write your own masterpiece.

What Hasn't Changed?

  • 18 Principles to Modernize Your Resume. We address 6 key concepts in the areas of resume Content, resume Format, and resume Design to help you create a resume that works on every level and appeals to today's readers.
  • Valuable Resources—our Goal-Setting Worksheet, Career Vault, Dig-Deep Questions, and Verbs with Verve. Use them today and every time you update your resume in the future.

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