Modernize Your Resume Contest Winners!

We created the Modernize Your Resume Contest to showcase the very best examples from professional resume writers worldwide. 

Periodically we solicit entries and have the enjoyable task of reviewing dozens of strategic, well-written, beautifully designed and formatted resumes to choose a winning example of the modernize principles we wrote about in Modernize Your Resume: Get Noticed ... Get Hired.

We are proud to share the winning resumes, promote these talented writers, and continue our decades-long work of celebrating and supporting resume and career coaching professionals


Q4 2019 Winner

Cassie Hatcher
Career Confidence US,

RESUME: James Baker

WHY THIS RESUME: Beautiful graphic design enhances the strong content of this resume, written for a recently transitioned U.S. Air Force officer with an impressive career in logistics management. The entire focus of the resume is on achievements—and the graphics emphasize numbers and results without overwhelming the page.

DESIGN DETAILS: Font: Body—Book Antiqua 10 pt; Headings—Book Antiqua 14 pt.

WRITER'S EXPLANATION of "Modernize" Principles

Q1 2019 Winner

Mary Schumacher, ACRW
Career Frames,

RESUME: Tara Bhamra

WHY THIS RESUME: Clear focus, clean and fresh presentation, ample keywords, and tightly written content ... this resume has all of the hallmarks of a modern resume! Notable: 1-line listing of specific technology terms beneath each job title keeps the job description uncluttered; bold introductions make the bullets highly skimmable.

DESIGN DETAILS: Font: Body—Calibri 11 pt; Headings—Century Gothic (expanded) (14 pt, 16 pt, 24 pt).

WRITER'S EXPLANATION of "Modernize" Principles

Q2 2018 Winner

Barbara Safani, Executive Resume Writer & Career Coach
Career Solvers,

RESUME: Sally Clairborne

WHY THIS RESUME: Distinctive, sharply focused, easy to read, and chock-full of specific and impressive achievements, this resume tells a powerful story of executive success that will quickly capture attention and engage readers. Graphics are tasteful, appropriate, and relevant, and the overall impression is fresh and inviting.

DESIGN DETAILS: Font: Body—Verdana 8.5 pt, regular + bold; Headline—12 pt bold; Name—22 pt regular. Graphic fill: Texture. Chart on page 2: Smart Art (process).

WRITER'S EXPLANATION of "Modernize" Principles

Q1 2018 Winner

Irma Rojas, Superior Executive Resume Writer & Personal Branding Expert
RSO Resumes,

RESUME: Cane Weinstein

WHY THIS RESUME: A tightly written, clear, and powerful presentation of an executive career, highlighted by format enhancements that draw attention to many exceptional achievements. Notice that every bullet point is 1 or 2 lines in length—no chance of the achievements getting lost in a sea of (less relevant) information! 

DESIGN DETAILS: Font: Body—Calibri 10.5 pt; Headings—Lucida Sans bold 15 pt; Name—Lucida Sans bold 28 pt

WRITER'S EXPLANATION of "Modernize" Principles

Q4 2017 Winner

Stephanie Clark, BA | MRW | MCRS | MCIS
New Leaf Resumes,
778-269-JOBS/5627 |

RESUME: Moira McQuaig

WHY THIS RESUME: A beautifully structured, designed, and written document, this resume paints a clear and compelling portrait of a top-performing operations executive ... while following our "modernize" guidelines! The design is distinctive while remaining professional and appropriate. A quotation in the summary adds a powerful third-party perspective, and the final touch—the "and a bit about me" section at the very end—is fun, differentiating, and humanizing.

DESIGN DETAILS: Font: Body—Calibri 10.5 pt; Headings—Calibri bold, various sizes

WRITER'S EXPLANATION of "Modernize" Principles

Q2 2017 Winner

Deborah L. Schuster, CPRW
The Lettersmith Resume Service,
248-828-1699 •

RESUME: James Earlington

WHY THIS RESUME: This is not a "flashy" resume. Although featuring a nice use of color and shading, it is not highly designed (nor OVER-designed, as we often see!). Rather, it is extremely professional looking (suitable for this executive candidate), and above all it is strategically targeted and very well written. All of the information that's included is relevant and important, and every sentence is carefully (and succinctly) written to convey expertise and value.

DESIGN DETAILS: Font: Body—Calibri 10.5 pt and 12 pt; Headings—Calibri bold 16 pt; Name—Calibri bold and shadow, 34 pt

WRITER'S EXPLANATION of "Modernize" Principles